Empires 2.1

I’ve just send a new release of Empires II to Apple. This release corrects a few crashes, specially for iOS 7 & 8.

After a break of almost 2 years to take care of my children, I’m now back to Empires developpement. So, there will be several releases in the next months.

Feel free to post if you have any idea to improve the games.



Empires 2: crash at the third step of tutorial

While reading customer reviews I discovered that some players encountered crash in the tutorial.

This bug appears with the small map with Russian empire.
To avoid this bug start a new game with another empire to finish once. You could then resume the previous game.

I have sent an update to Apple today to fix this bug.

All my apologies for this inconvenience.

V2 public beta is open !

After almost 2 years of hard work, the game development is finished.
Before publishing Empires II on the AppStore, I’m releasing a beta version for a few days. Most probably around 15 days.

To obtain a beta version:
1 – you must download the free app UDID.
It will allows you to send me a mail containing information about your device including your UDID (a kind of apple serial number). This information is required to build the beta version.
My email is fabricenoui @ empires-game.com (remove the spaces)

2 – I’ll send you an email a few days after containing a download link.
But the number of slot is limited. I can promise that everybody could have a beta version.

If you play with friends, send me a single mail containing the information of your device + your friends devices.
It will increase your chance to be in the beta.

All Apple devices are supported, excepted iphone 3G. (3GS is supported). And your device must have iOS 6 or above.
Supported language are english and french.

Edit : a few slots are still available but only for iPad, iPhone 5 and iPhone 3GS owner.

Empires II

My apologies for not writing any news about v2 for a long time. Having one daily job, working the night on the game and take care of my familly is very very time consuming.

The first beta was opened only for a few people who were speaking french because the game wasn’t still translated. But this time, I have good news : today I sent all the texts to translation. Which means that the coding part is finished. I’m just polishing the design and tracking last bugs.

I will setup a second beta as soon as I received the translation. I you’re interested by testing v2,  email me. But only a few slots are opened (about 10-20). To be able to test the beta you’ll have to create a game center sandbox account. All the device are supported (except iphone 3G), but iOS 6 is required.



V2 news


I’m still working on the V2. The coding part is finished. I’m now playing a lot with some friends to find the most bugs as possible, specially for game center parties.

The last step after the tests is to write help and tutorial before releasing the game on AppStore.

I still can’t give an official release date, because it depends on tests. As long as I discover bug, I won’t release it. I hope to be ready for christmas, but I can’t promise.

The main new points of V2 are :

  • a new map with 160 countries
  • multi maps engine. I will add a second map one or two month after releasing V2 on appStore
  • iPad, iphone 4 and iphone 5 retina graphics
  • Turn Base Game Center Asynchronous party (In other words, you can play with your friends over internet even if you’re not connected in the same time)
  • you can stop and resume later wifi/bluetooth parties
  • multi parties support. You can play more than one party
  • Pass & Play (you can play with friends with only 1 device)
  • Cooperative Mode for multiplayers parties. (All players play together vs the AI) or Deadmatch (The winner is the last alive)
  • A smarter AI, specially at the very hard level.


And here is a snapshot from the current beta :


Edit 01/10/13 : I’m in the final stage. All the tests are good. Now I’m writing help, tutorial, contextual advice system and polishing some iPad design stuffs. It’s still hard to give a release date, but it will be most probably between february or march.

I will also start a short and very limited (about 20 or 30 players max) open beta in 2 weeks. I will give you more details on this asap.




More on strategy (opening)

As some of you asked me to share strategies, I will give you more informations. But I’m not totally convinced that’s a good idea. Finding the strategies is part of the interest of the game. If you share the same feeling, don’t read the following lines !!

The first thing to do, is to conquer the most possible neutral countries before 1804. This will give you more power when fighting against other empires.
But don’t spread all over the world. Focus on a region and try to conquer all its countries. If you conquer a region, you’ll win $10 000 every spring you owned it. This give a real boost !
To see which country belongs to which region, click on the left button at the bottom of the screen.

This opening strategy (like in chess) will vary according to you empire.

  • For USA, your geographical position is a good advantage. You’re the only empire on your region. So, it’s better to start by conquering North america.
  • For England, as you have a big advantage on the sea, with powerful an cheap fleet, you should try to conquer South Africa or South America because those regions have only a few borders with other countries.
  • For Japan, you should try to conquer Australia and pacific Islands. You’re the only empire in this region. Note : Japan is reserved for experimented players who want more challenge.
  • For France and Germany, you should try to conquer North Africa, South America or India.
  • For Russia, the price or your armies is an advantage at the begining of the game. You should try to conquer North Africa, India or Eastern Asia, but without buying ships. Only with armies.

You should also try to guess what are the opening strategies of other empires. If another empire attack the same region than you at the beginning of the game, it may be a good idea to leave this one and to attack another region…

Last advice, if the game is to too difficult, you can deactivate one or more Empire.

PS: You can share your strategies by replying to this post.

advices for beginners (levels explanation)

If your experiments difficulties here are my advices :

  • Do not attack other empires at the beginning of the game.  You should attack only neutral countries (in gray on the map) until 1804. If an AI attacks you before 1804, it’s only because you attacked it first.
  • Except japan (that is reserved for experimented players) all empires have the same power. But to win, each empire requires a specific strategy (focus on islands, conquer a region, dominate the sea by eliminating other players fleet, conquer quickly capitals …).
  • You should start at the lowest level of difficulty, because :
  • AI players will have to pay more for armies and ships. Consequently, they’ll have less armies and ships.
  • Most of ‘smart’ algorithms are deactivated
  • Only one AI at a time can attack you
  • Take care of countries incomes. Some countries worth much more than others. Focusing on high value countries at the beginning will give you quickly much more armies and ships

v 1.4

I’ve just submitted a new release (1.4) that correct the  Game Center Leaderboard display problem. Only the lowest scores were visible. It will probably be available before the end of the week on the App Store.

Thank you to TMG (US App Store review) for the info.

I also corrected “England” by “Britain” :$


v2 preview

I’m still working hard on the second version of Empires.

Here are some of the new stuffs that I have implemented in the v2 :

  •  You can now stop local network party (wifi/bluetooth) and resume the game later
  •  Each party has its own backup. So you can have multiple parties instead of only one in v1
  •  2 new type of party :
  •  pass & play : to play with your friends on the same device
  •  turn based (Game Center) : to play with your friends (or other peoples) over internet
  •  2 new optional rules
  •  the first restrict buying armies and ships in the starting capital. So reinforcement is more subtile
  •  the second one prevent to display armies and ships on other players countries. So spy is more important
  •  A brand new design (improved for retina and ipad)

And lot of other stuffs…