More on strategy (opening)

As some of you asked me to share strategies, I will give you more informations. But I’m not totally convinced that’s a good idea. Finding the strategies is part of the interest of the game. If you share the same feeling, don’t read the following lines !!

The first thing to do, is to conquer the most possible neutral countries before 1804. This will give you more power when fighting against other empires.
But don’t spread all over the world. Focus on a region and try to conquer all its countries. If you conquer a region, you’ll win $10 000 every spring you owned it. This give a real boost !
To see which country belongs to which region, click on the left button at the bottom of the screen.

This opening strategy (like in chess) will vary according to you empire.

  • For USA, your geographical position is a good advantage. You’re the only empire on your region. So, it’s better to start by conquering North america.
  • For England, as you have a big advantage on the sea, with powerful an cheap fleet, you should try to conquer South Africa or South America because those regions have only a few borders with other countries.
  • For Japan, you should try to conquer Australia and pacific Islands. You’re the only empire in this region. Note : Japan is reserved for experimented players who want more challenge.
  • For France and Germany, you should try to conquer North Africa, South America or India.
  • For Russia, the price or your armies is an advantage at the begining of the game. You should try to conquer North Africa, India or Eastern Asia, but without buying ships. Only with armies.

You should also try to guess what are the opening strategies of other empires. If another empire attack the same region than you at the beginning of the game, it may be a good idea to leave this one and to attack another region…

Last advice, if the game is to too difficult, you can deactivate one or more Empire.

PS: You can share your strategies by replying to this post.