advices for beginners (levels explanation)

If your experiments difficulties here are my advices :

  • Do not attack other empires at the beginning of the game.  You should attack only neutral countries (in gray on the map) until 1804. If an AI attacks you before 1804, it’s only because you attacked it first.
  • Except japan (that is reserved for experimented players) all empires have the same power. But to win, each empire requires a specific strategy (focus on islands, conquer a region, dominate the sea by eliminating other players fleet, conquer quickly capitals …).
  • You should start at the lowest level of difficulty, because :
  • AI players will have to pay more for armies and ships. Consequently, they’ll have less armies and ships.
  • Most of ‘smart’ algorithms are deactivated
  • Only one AI at a time can attack you
  • Take care of countries incomes. Some countries worth much more than others. Focusing on high value countries at the beginning will give you quickly much more armies and ships

v 1.4

I’ve just submitted a new release (1.4) that correct the  Game Center Leaderboard display problem. Only the lowest scores were visible. It will probably be available before the end of the week on the App Store.

Thank you to TMG (US App Store review) for the info.

I also corrected “England” by “Britain” :$


v2 preview

I’m still working hard on the second version of Empires.

Here are some of the new stuffs that I have implemented in the v2 :

  •  You can now stop local network party (wifi/bluetooth) and resume the game later
  •  Each party has its own backup. So you can have multiple parties instead of only one in v1
  •  2 new type of party :
  •  pass & play : to play with your friends on the same device
  •  turn based (Game Center) : to play with your friends (or other peoples) over internet
  •  2 new optional rules
  •  the first restrict buying armies and ships in the starting capital. So reinforcement is more subtile
  •  the second one prevent to display armies and ships on other players countries. So spy is more important
  •  A brand new design (improved for retina and ipad)

And lot of other stuffs…