V2 news


I’m still working on the V2. The coding part is finished. I’m now playing a lot with some friends to find the most bugs as possible, specially for game center parties.

The last step after the tests is to write help and tutorial before releasing the game on AppStore.

I still can’t give an official release date, because it depends on tests. As long as I discover bug, I won’t release it. I hope to be ready for christmas, but I can’t promise.

The main new points of V2 are :

  • a new map with 160 countries
  • multi maps engine. I will add a second map one or two month after releasing V2 on appStore
  • iPad, iphone 4 and iphone 5 retina graphics
  • Turn Base Game Center Asynchronous party (In other words, you can play with your friends over internet even if you’re not connected in the same time)
  • you can stop and resume later wifi/bluetooth parties
  • multi parties support. You can play more than one party
  • Pass & Play (you can play with friends with only 1 device)
  • Cooperative Mode for multiplayers parties. (All players play together vs the AI) or Deadmatch (The winner is the last alive)
  • A smarter AI, specially at the very hard level.


And here is a snapshot from the current beta :


Edit 01/10/13 : I’m in the final stage. All the tests are good. Now I’m writing help, tutorial, contextual advice system and polishing some iPad design stuffs. It’s still hard to give a release date, but it will be most probably between february or march.

I will also start a short and very limited (about 20 or 30 players max) open beta in 2 weeks. I will give you more details on this asap.