v2 preview

I’m still working hard on the second version of Empires.

Here are some of the new stuffs that I have implemented in the v2 :

  •  You can now stop local network party (wifi/bluetooth) and resume the game later
  •  Each party has its own backup. So you can have multiple parties instead of only one in v1
  •  2 new type of party :
  •  pass & play : to play with your friends on the same device
  •  turn based (Game Center) : to play with your friends (or other peoples) over internet
  •  2 new optional rules
  •  the first restrict buying armies and ships in the starting capital. So reinforcement is more subtile
  •  the second one prevent to display armies and ships on other players countries. So spy is more important
  •  A brand new design (improved for retina and ipad)

And lot of other stuffs…

37 thoughts on “v2 preview

  1. Great game, I have a suggestion for v2 though – make the move order random. It is a big advantage for the player who gets to go first, concentrating all their forces before the enemy army can move.

    • Thank you Neill

      The move order as the price of units, the geographical situation etc are part of the empires power balance. If the move order become random, it will change the power of the empires.

      Actually, this is true for the current map in v1. But as the v2 will support different maps (with other empires), it may be a good idea. I will try for other maps/empires …

  2. I don’t understand the scoring I thought the quicker you win and the higher your score the better. But it appears if you hav 1.456 you are first on the leader board. Confused!

    • I did a mistake when I created the leaderboard on Apple web site. I read a customer review pointing this problem yesterday morning, and I submitted a new version (1.4) that corrects this problem to Apple yesterday.
      The leaderboard should of course display the higher scores.

      And you’re right, the quicker you win, the higher score you’ll have. You also win points when you eliminate an empire. And you’ll have more points according to the difficulty level.

      Sorry for the inconvenience :$

  3. I have the iPhone 3G which doesn’t have game center so I am asking if I will still be able to play over the Internet in multiplayer without gamecenter. I really want to play multiplayer so if I am unable to do so without gamecenter then is there a war you can do multiplayer for everyone in some other way.. Buy I know its difficult to do so, so I’m not gonna be pushy about it.

  4. How can AI countries spawn troops so much faster than human player? Seems like always a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio…can’t win at medium level or above! Do AI players get a troop advantage as you go up in difficulty? This should be adjusted in V2…also an intro on the countries and their respective economic advantages would be useful.

  5. Hi Fabrice. Great game but u really need an undo or back button. It’s too easy when moving quickly to accidentally attack another empire instead of moving to your own territory. If u do this at the wrong moment u are destroyed for your mistake. Hope u include in a future update. Great game though so far! Thanks

    • Hi David,

      In the current version, there is a trick to undo moves. Quit and kill the game. When you’ll relaunch the game, all you moves are canceled.

      But I’ll try to put an undo button somewhere in the next version.

  6. Hey… Any news on new version release date or more features to come?? … Eagerly awaiting the ability to resume a wi-fi/ bluetooth multi player game and resume at a later time…

    • Hi Nathan,
      I’m working very hard on the version 2.0. Every day after work, between 8pm and 3am, every week end and every holidays…
      I hope the 2.0 version to be on appstore for summer. But there is a lot of work to do. Specially on design.

      And yes, in v2, you can resume wifi/bt multiplayer game. And you have a list of all current parties. So you can have several saved wifi/bt parties.
      The most intersting feature will be 3g multiplayer game.

  7. Also…. Will there be the option to play over wi-fi on multiplayer when your not in the same room, like a multi player worldwide? Or direct connect through wide area wi-fi?

    • As long as you’re connected on the same wifi network. Which can be done via a vpn. But it’s not easy to setup. You have to install additionnal application to do that.

  8. Please please please add different military arms, like planes, submarines, tanks etc also different time era’s with upgrades and advances of technology! more maps with more worlds or at least 350+ countries with harder conquer rates! More surrounding advantages like trees, forest, sand etc! upgrades on military arms as years and technology advances. I never ever write reviews but this game is lacking depth but there’s so much potential. But regardless here’s my two cents!

  9. Sounds great. I love the game but the multiplayer mode is not as smooth as it could be. As a game takes rather long and the chance of misconnections is quite high my friend and I rarely can play a game to the end. Looking forward to it…

    • When the game is disconnected, you should wait a few minutes to give it time to reconnect.
      If it doesn’t reconnect, give a look in iphone setting to check that you’re still connected to the same wifi network. If not, reconnect and then go back to the game.
      Note : you can’t do that for device < iOS 4.0.

  10. Thanks for the replyed and am thankful of all your hard work as a single publisher!
    But to clarify, will we be able to play against eachother from long distances using 3G?
    Like around the world multiplayer?
    Many thanks (I think his will be the most desirable feature)

    • Yes, in v2, you can play a multiplayer party in 3G (wifi connected to internet) with other people around the world.

  11. Please try to avoid making this like civ rev. If people want civ rev then they need to go play civ rev. People are stupid when they cry for tanks and stuff. There were no tanks in 1800. There isn’t a need for that crap. This is a simple game of domination. I would like to be able to start an alliance with another nation though. I always like to help the under dog out some.

    • Empires is a strategy game, not a civ game. Civ is totally different and is a too big project for only one dev.
      So, I won’t add research or new units or stuff like that. Empires will remain a strategy game.

      I tried to add alliances, but it seems to be too complicated in a turn based game like Empires.
      Let’s say you’re the Russia player and want to make an alliance with england in a wifi multiplayer game.
      You ask for an alliance in spring. If The england player has already played, he could answer to alliance request only in summer.
      If in summer russia player has already played he could see the england answer only in fall.

      So starting an alliance requires 3 turns. Which is too long. It’s too confusing for the player. You won’t remember which alliance request you made, you answered etc.

  12. Deleting this app. No bug fixes, no updates. Fuck this. This asshole isn’t working on anything. Buggy piece of shit game. Was fun for a little while but then the fucking bugs and lack of ANY support killed it.

  13. Yeah is this being updated ever? Whenever I attack from Japan to western united states I get a victory pop up but I lose my entire fleet, stranding my armies in japan. wtf is up with that?

  14. Hows the update going im really looking forward to it, it sounds great! Ignore Andrew R it isnt like you can make an update in 1 day.
    But my question is;
    Can you give us a release date or something?
    I love this game its epic.

  15. Lol ignore me huh Willem? Fuckin idiot. You’re gonna be waiting a long time. He doesn’t respond and isn’t working on this game. It’s dead and I would assume he is too.

  16. I thought you deleted this game …
    but im going to keep waiting something just probaly crashed ect.
    But you need to have paitents.

  17. There are some bugs that need to be fixed. But this is still a fun game. Ignore Kirk if he wants to delete the game, then he loses a dollar. This game is very entertaining and I rate it 5 stars! Thank you for spending your time making this game!

  18. Ignore me, Derek? I can’t even play a normal game anymore and I doubt you can either. For the past 3 days whenever I turn it on it glitches and then crashes. Not fun.

  19. Hey Fabric.
    In Empires 2, could you add like a town system to replace the old foundation one. Like instead if in just one turn you go from nothing to giant military fort, could in V2 it be like first nothing, then upgrade to camps, then outposts,then wooden forts,the stone forts, and finally something like Major Fort. Also, some sort of system where you could make towns that would increase a territories money regime would be also. Love the game, hope V2 is even better!

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