advices for beginners (levels explanation)

If your experiments difficulties here are my advices :

  • Do not attack other empires at the beginning of the game.  You should attack only neutral countries (in gray on the map) until 1804. If an AI attacks you before 1804, it’s only because you attacked it first.
  • Except japan (that is reserved for experimented players) all empires have the same power. But to win, each empire requires a specific strategy (focus on islands, conquer a region, dominate the sea by eliminating other players fleet, conquer quickly capitals …).
  • You should start at the lowest level of difficulty, because :
  • AI players will have to pay more for armies and ships. Consequently, they’ll have less armies and ships.
  • Most of ‘smart’ algorithms are deactivated
  • Only one AI at a time can attack you
  • Take care of countries incomes. Some countries worth much more than others. Focusing on high value countries at the beginning will give you quickly much more armies and ships

5 thoughts on “advices for beginners (levels explanation)

  1. The thing I have found is the AL has attacked me first without provocation before 1804. I was once attacked as Germany by France in 1801 when I wasn’t even competing with them and had not even attacked or anything. Just something to be looked at.

  2. Why is Britain so expensive, one of the greatest super powers at the turn of the 19th Century and yet can not compete against France! Surely the countries should have an even playing field so that when you conquer them you have a chance of raising an army to match theirs come spring!?

  3. Hi,
    If I were to be Russia for example, and conquered London, why does the price of purchases stay the same for Russia? Surely the price would change to the pre-conquered prices?
    I may be over thinking this but… I don’t know

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