More on strategy (opening)

As some of you asked me to share strategies, I will give you more informations. But I’m not totally convinced that’s a good idea. Finding the strategies is part of the interest of the game. If you share the same feeling, don’t read the following lines !!

The first thing to do, is to conquer the most possible neutral countries before 1804. This will give you more power when fighting against other empires.
But don’t spread all over the world. Focus on a region and try to conquer all its countries. If you conquer a region, you’ll win $10 000 every spring you owned it. This give a real boost !
To see which country belongs to which region, click on the left button at the bottom of the screen.

This opening strategy (like in chess) will vary according to you empire.

  • For USA, your geographical position is a good advantage. You’re the only empire on your region. So, it’s better to start by conquering North america.
  • For England, as you have a big advantage on the sea, with powerful an cheap fleet, you should try to conquer South Africa or South America because those regions have only a few borders with other countries.
  • For Japan, you should try to conquer Australia and pacific Islands. You’re the only empire in this region. Note : Japan is reserved for experimented players who want more challenge.
  • For France and Germany, you should try to conquer North Africa, South America or India.
  • For Russia, the price or your armies is an advantage at the begining of the game. You should try to conquer North Africa, India or Eastern Asia, but without buying ships. Only with armies.

You should also try to guess what are the opening strategies of other empires. If another empire attack the same region than you at the beginning of the game, it may be a good idea to leave this one and to attack another region…

Last advice, if the game is to too difficult, you can deactivate one or more Empire.

PS: You can share your strategies by replying to this post.

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  1. My strategy is(in a three player game) to effectively attack the worst enemy, therefore not having to waste valuable resources on two enemies. Alternately, attack from the worst to the best enemies, making things a little easier.
    P.S love the game! 5 stars!

  2. Do not attack other countries until you have to, and never start more than one war at a time. Be Britain, and conquer south America first (I used this stratedgy on medium difficulty and won).

  3. I’ve found that you can effectively blitz neighboring nations right off the bat if you are using the French, Germans, or Russians by spawning only infantry for the first 1 or 2 years.

  4. If you are Russian, French or German, try conquering as much part of India and north Africa for the first two years and then blitz the both the enemy capitals at the same time, when their soldiers are away in the 3rd or 4th year autumn…then hold the capitals for the next spring thereby depriving the enemy of troops. Its easy to win a “medium difficulty” campaign using any of the three mainland Europe countries using the above strategy…

  5. How can AI countries spawn troops so much faster than human player? Seems like always a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio…can’t win at medium level or above! Do AI players get a troop advantage as you go up in difficulty? This should be adjusted in V2…also an intro on the countries and their respective economic advantages would be useful.

    • I play Germans and I go everywhere.And then I go and attack the cap.. Then I holed my ground.Atlast the emamy will run out of reanforsants.

  6. The game is ok. However the rule descriptions are terrible! At ‘very difficult’ levels, it is not clear what advantage AI has. I just studied their movements and they seem to have a 66% buying discount. if so, please say so.

    Also what do you mean above the UK has cheap navy? It is the most expensive one at $600!

    • When you increase the level, some AI algorithm are unlocked. So the AI is more challenging.
      Moreover, at low level, AI units are more expensive than yours. But at high level, they are cheaper.

      But don’t forget that each country has its own income. So even if you have the same number of countries than an AI, it doesn’t means that the total income is the same…
      At high level, AI will try to conquer countries with high income first.

      UK armies are expensive ($600), but UK navy is the cheapest ($300)
      And don’t forget that UK units (army and ships) are really stronger than other empires units.

  7. Having won as USA, Britain and Russia, I gave it a go as Germany. Having been Russia before, I knew that they would generate armies quickly, and loads of them. So, I took them on and got them out of the game by 1803. This was on easy, I admit, but it was good fun!

  8. My strategy is simple enough and flexible enough. You take regions near you that you can defend and let the AI duke it out. When two three or four AI gang up on one country you then join that war and take their capitals. This part of the strategy works at most three countries.
    When your in a total war make sure your region is in your control. Have a navy of 1,000 and army of 2,000 to repel enemy attackers that attack undefended areas. Usually a force of fifty can retake that land mass. Mean while try and hold a capital near the main mass of the enemies. Hold your ground and slowly advance not too quickly or your armys stationed there will be smashed to bits and change the favor of the war.
    Eventually hold their capitals and fortify them and make sure 500 ships or 200 ships are holding on coastal capitals. At least a fortified capital with 1,000 soldiers hold off most advances. You wait them out while having a force of 3,000 attack their own lands to place pressure on their rescorces. After at least three years most of the enemy forces are a ineffective fighting force. Then you can easily wipe them out.
    Problems with this strategy lie in how strong you economy is. With a economy lacking this strategy is much harder to do. This strategy also feels useless because you don’t fortify coastal areas only borders due to your defensive fleet. This may not work well on medium or higher due to the AI’s extra abilities.
    All in all this is flexible the russians may have trouble with this strategy due to thier armies strength using numbers more than anything. America will be the best ideal country to use.
    Make sure the British are eliminated before they control a large amount of land or else their armies will crush you own easily the Russians are te ideal last target with thier weaker units unable to hold out on strength relying on numbers without a capital they are done most times

  9. Wtf is the deal with AI attacking capitals on the first move of each go and wiping out all your ships. Sometimes they attack with half or less the number of ships I have in port and wipe everyone out (ships only). You are then left sitting there like a flaccid cock waiting for the next purchase round. Not fun. Sort it out.

  10. I also let the enemy duke it out and hop in when the other county is about to fall. Pretty much cherry picking land grab. Atleast get a island in each of the regions. Deny the enemy the $10,000. Always cover your flanks. Shoot, move, and communicate.

  11. hi love the game and my strategy as GB is to take France fast and after that only attack enomy capitals so they can’t make troops and then biuld up a huge defance then when there not attaking any more attack them

  12. I think it would be good to have allies in the game? But only with one nation smaller than you and late in the game. On the other hand maybe there aren’t enough nations to do that?

  13. Play Russia on medium. Don’t buy ships, just keep getting armies and build up that way while conquering neutral countries. Around fall of 1802 or 1803 go after Germany or France, whichever is weaker. Take their capitals and fortify them ASAP, then start taking their land along with other neutral territory. Once you have enough territory to purchae 400 ships per spring, then branch out to the weakest opponent (preferably France or Germany, whichever one doesn’t have a capital to build their armies with. This strategy should get you at least 2nd place on medium difficulty. I win 50% of my games this way.

  14. Re: Goose. The Russia strategy also works on difficult setting.

    On the harder settings, the enemy knows where all your ships are somehow, and will keep pummelling them no matter where you put them. On difficult setting, take over all of Africa, Europe and mainland Asia. Then try and stabilise things, don’t purchase anything for a few years, wait for your cash to build up, whilst using a bit of money to keep sending a few thousand troops to the corners of your empire. Keep an ‘spy’ eye on your enemies’ capitals. When you’re sure you can beat them (5000 ships and troops should do it) knock out their capitals, hold them, and finish off their empire. Start with USA, then take over all of North and South America. Then smash Japan’s capitals. Winner.

  15. The most important thing when true wars break out is the order of action. The order is British, German, France, USA, Japan, Russia. This determines who can wipe out enemy ships with concentrated attacks pulled from many countries. Britain can not be allowed to become to strong or they are virtually invincible due to stronger armies, cheaper ships, and first to act, and island home base. Russia should always be left to last if possible because a hit and run guerrilla strategy can be used to destroy them as they can never catch your attacking fleets.

  16. Has anyine been able to win as GB in “difficult” setting? I’ve tried like 20 times and have been able to make it as the last of two empires but can’t actually win. I can’t seem to buy enough troops to defend my territories compared with the numbers thrown at me by the AI.

  17. They should add achievements in this game also, it would make it more interesting and help you keep track of the things you have done

  18. What I always do is be Russian. Overrun Europe at the beginning. Then let your economy take over and buy thousands of armies. Once, I got more than 1,000,000 armies. Defeat all enemies.

  19. In a six-player game, always take out the Russians first. If you don’t, they will take over Asia and Africa and be able to get thousands of armies. Then they’ll crush you. Take them out almost right away, then the British, Americans, French, Germans and last, the Japanese. The Americans should also be defeated fast, or theyll smash you with their massive armies.

  20. Yikes this game needs an update. I hit the “excecute” button and it goes forward like 200 turns and shows me being defeated and one country taking over the world. Sometimes I’m making armies and it just kicks me out. PLEASE UPDATE!!

  21. I’ll try. It could be a problem with my iPod. It only goes forward a lot of turns every once in a while. Usually a third of the time I make armies it kicks me out of the app. Thank you.

  22. The reason everyone thinks uk ships cost £600 is because there is a mis print in the rules saying they cost £600 but they do only cost £300 play as Britain to see for yourself

  23. I have found that on all levels of difficulty I can beat the AI by starving it of resources, meaning money. You can weaken even a strong opponent by eating away at his territories. Over time he will only have the cash to rebuild some of his lost forces. Then you can move on his capital.

  24. A good method is to luck a target nation and only focus on it. Take enemies down one by one. So stones you get attack by another nation, but it’s sometimes them just trying to ck Ayer a region. It’s been done to me and after they left me alone

  25. I’ve developed strategies for Germany Britain America and Russia and have gotten pretty good (good enough to win at very difficult with Britain). But my favorite is Germany. What I do is I spend all my 1800 spring money on ships and then attack a neighboring neutral country instead of a foreign region so I practically wait to see the other Marion’s move. After that first season I find the region that has not been attack by a country and go for it so I never have to swhich

  26. As Russia, I usually conquer Asia. Then i use the money to build up a vast reserve army on the borders of Europe. By that point only usually Germany and maybe England or Japan are left. After I have 10000 armies next to Germany, I launch a massive invasion of their capitals and take them within a few turns. Then since they cant have troops i retake any lost territory and finish of their empire. I have to admit this was on easy mode but it could also work for higher levels.

  27. I play russia on very difficult level. Spam
    Mass troops and go Down and take north and south Africa. Half way through the game you should be making 3-4k troops each turn. Blitz through France or Germany at this point the turn after purchases. Islands can be taken by spying on both land masses and attacking the weakest one. Then ship troops over to the taken landmass and attack the adjacent one with troops only.

  28. Played a handful of games to start with (and always Britain to begin with) and have beaten every level now. The hardest level took three or four tries but eventually got it. I simply use a very economic strategy, with significant investment into identifying the highest return countries to get and hold (via fortifications) and not getting drawn into a fight with AIs for as long as possible. Gang up on someone already being attacked elswhere to pick off their high value land grabs. sometimes you don’t even try to grab new territories on a turn, making what you do have very expensive targets (esp your capital). this gets others fighting each other on their weaker territories and wasting people on retribution. don’t let one country run away with things but you don’t necessarily need to be the leader on the influence graphs either. just ensure you keep up with average. Chance seems, as always, part of any win. If you get ganged up on by more then 1 country, can be in big trouble. and this can happen.

    Moving onto the larger map now.

    Quick question, where is this information on the different attack and defense skills of each country??? Its not in any of the help or FAQs on Empires II.

  29. I really love this game, my strategy is first few years spend a lot of money spying, draw little maps of parts of the world I feel like conquering and filling in army sizes in neutral countries. I take all the countries I can find with army sizes under 25 or so, leaving the territories with large armies for the AI players or for me to take later, that gives me a large, widespread base of territories, then, I take and fortify a continent, once all neutral countries are taken im usually already at war with an AI player so I just focus on all that players territories, then move to another until I win. I love the complexity, just trying to figure out the bribery and sometimes my ships disappear when I move them…

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