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I’m still working on the V2. The coding part is finished. I’m now playing a lot with some friends to find the most bugs as possible, specially for game center parties.

The last step after the tests is to write help and tutorial before releasing the game on AppStore.

I still can’t give an official release date, because it depends on tests. As long as I discover bug, I won’t release it. I hope to be ready for christmas, but I can’t promise.

The main new points of V2 are :

  • a new map with 160 countries
  • multi maps engine. I will add a second map one or two month after releasing V2 on appStore
  • iPad, iphone 4 and iphone 5 retina graphics
  • Turn Base Game Center Asynchronous party (In other words, you can play with your friends over internet even if you’re not connected in the same time)
  • you can stop and resume later wifi/bluetooth parties
  • multi parties support. You can play more than one party
  • Pass & Play (you can play with friends with only 1 device)
  • Cooperative Mode for multiplayers parties. (All players play together vs the AI) or Deadmatch (The winner is the last alive)
  • A smarter AI, specially at the very hard level.


And here is a snapshot from the current beta :


Edit 01/10/13 : I’m in the final stage. All the tests are good. Now I’m writing help, tutorial, contextual advice system and polishing some iPad design stuffs. It’s still hard to give a release date, but it will be most probably between february or march.

I will also start a short and very limited (about 20 or 30 players max) open beta in 2 weeks. I will give you more details on this asap.




39 thoughts on “V2 news

  1. Is a good game, don’t forget to save the actual version, I’ve played a thousand times, it’s the best game for iOs!
    If you can, add more maps, like the actual map, i’m attending the new version :)

  2. Update looks great! However, will this be a new payed app or an update or a new free app? Not bothered either way, just curious.

  3. Please make super easy and easy mode easier! 10,000 armies is not easy! Plus multiple boys attack at once unprovoked. I thought only one attacks at once in the easier settings.

  4. I have found a problem with v1, sometimes when I go to buy something or spy it sometimes freezes and the game closes, my game is saved from when it closed but gets a bit annoying when thinking of strategies Thanks

  5. This game is great! I like it. Some bugs like the one Daniel talked about, which happens to me too, but this game is really fun! Looking forward to new update!

  6. I can’t wait. The game is great and the new graphics look cool. Well done for all your hard work! Some things that I’d like to see would be a.) a way to fortify multiple countries at once rather than clicking through b.) a button to ‘recall’ all naval units to a certain country. Love the game, keep it up!

  7. There are a ton of bugs. For example, one time I had captured Russia’s capitals and they just had some territories left. Like 10 turns later, 11,000 Russian armies and ships attacked! I was caught of guard thinking where the heck did those armies come from? I managed to defeat them but my empire was nearly overrun. Then the Americans killed me. Please fix in next version, along with other bugs that make the game constantly glitch and crash. Other than that great game! Thank you for your time and low price!

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Are you 100% sure that Russian didn’t conquer another capital during the 10 turns ?
      Because when you captured all the capital of an AI, there are some emergency operations that are triggered.
      For instance, depending on the difficulty level, AI will try to capture any capital. In that case, russian won’t specially focus on Moscow. They will try to capture any capital. And they can wait winter to do it or even several year until a capital has less defence… And when they capture a capital, it means they’ll have between 2 or more years of income to expense. So they’ll be back in the game with a lot of units, as you described in your example.

  8. Hi Fabrice,

    Yes, all of the capitals were either under my control or another Al’s control. I don’t know where the armies came from. They could’ve combined all their remaining units, but I can’t see how that’s possible because they have never done that before and would’ve launched a counterattack earlier against my small territories. But the game is still fun and entertaining. Thank you for spending your time making this game!

  9. Fabrice,

    I love the game and I can’t wait for the update. My only complaint is that when my city is attacked and I have ships in that town, I lose all of my ships. I try to keep them moving but in the fall the comp always finds them and takes them out. This prevents me from sailing on them in the winter. I just think it stinks that they know exactly where my ships are even when I try to hide them. Other than that I love the game!

  10. When is the update coming?

    P.S. I WON WITH BRITAIN AGAINST FOUR COUNTRIES AT MEDIUM! Best yet! I know some of you do better but this is my good score so please don’t mind me.

  11. This game is too easy, at very difficult too…
    It’s late… and the game needs an upgrade,i’m tired for waiting… :(

  12. I am currently in an a1 game, setting difficult. I am Russia and I defeated all opponents bar Japan. I hold all the main continents but Japan hold Japan, aus and all the small islands on the map. Everytime I build ships anywhere regardless of quantity as soon as the purchase session is done the game attacks the capitals where I have ships and destroys them. It seems a stalemate how can I win? I even put 100 ships on each capital and it just attacks every one straight away!! Help!!!!

  13. I don’t understand. He told us he would get us details quickly, and that the game would be finished by now. He has stop posting advice and tips and no longer leaves comments. He must be either very sick, or dead. We aren’t getting our game any time soon. Empires 2 must be a long way from completion

  14. Adrian,

    Save up a lot of cash over a few years, then spend it all on ships. Put them all in the same city, the AI will not attack you if you have a large number of ships.

  15. When is the update coming? We are all really excited for it! Like Kari said…bad news is better then good news. By far one of the best games on the App Store. A pass and play mode would be cool also maybe for V3.

  16. Ugly bug in empires II: in solo game there is no “play”button!!! It only appears very shortly after deactivating an AI. No way to start a solo game. Im using an ipad 2 and osx 7.0.3

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