Empires II

My apologies for not writing any news about v2 for a long time. Having one daily job, working the night on the game and take care of my familly is very very time consuming.

The first beta was opened only for a few people who were speaking french because the game wasn’t still translated. But this time, I have good news : today I sent all the texts to translation. Which means that the coding part is finished. I’m just polishing the design and tracking last bugs.

I will setup a second beta as soon as I received the translation. I you’re interested by testing v2,  email me. But only a few slots are opened (about 10-20). To be able to test the beta you’ll have to create a game center sandbox account. All the device are supported (except iphone 3G), but iOS 6 is required.



9 thoughts on “Empires II

  1. How does one create a sandbox Game Center account and what is it? I’m very interested in testing as your game is amazing!

  2. I Wanna Start By Saying Im a HUGE Fan of your game (EMPIRES). I Got ALL of My Co-Workers Playing. Been waiting 4 V2 but I Understand You Got A Life Too. Take Ur Time, Perfect It & We’ll Be Waiting. Can I Test The Beta?

    Washington DC

  3. Okay, Fabrice I like your game but i really dont like when I send like 2000 guys against 1000 and all 2000 are wiped out please make it more realistic German armies were way stronger than British armies thank you.

  4. Hugh your wrong. In this timeframe the British had the best army in the world. The German army at this time was bog average, the French should get better troops than them because it is technically the napoleonic era. also can we please have fixed incomes for all regions

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