V2 public beta is open !

After almost 2 years of hard work, the game development is finished.
Before publishing Empires II on the AppStore, I’m releasing a beta version for a few days. Most probably around 15 days.

To obtain a beta version:
1 – you must download the free app UDID.
It will allows you to send me a mail containing information about your device including your UDID (a kind of apple serial number). This information is required to build the beta version.
My email is fabricenoui @ empires-game.com (remove the spaces)

2 – I’ll send you an email a few days after containing a download link.
But the number of slot is limited. I can promise that everybody could have a beta version.

If you play with friends, send me a single mail containing the information of your device + your friends devices.
It will increase your chance to be in the beta.

All Apple devices are supported, excepted iphone 3G. (3GS is supported). And your device must have iOS 6 or above.
Supported language are english and french.

Edit : a few slots are still available but only for iPad, iPhone 5 and iPhone 3GS owner.

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