Empires 2: crash at the third step of tutorial

While reading customer reviews I discovered that some players encountered crash in the tutorial.

This bug appears with the small map with Russian empire.
To avoid this bug start a new game with another empire to finish once. You could then resume the previous game.

I have sent an update to Apple today to fix this bug.

All my apologies for this inconvenience.

37 thoughts on “Empires 2: crash at the third step of tutorial

  1. Good sequel to the original game. But what happened to bribes and donations? Also an alliance with the AI would be cool. And how about new empire emerging? From rebels perhaps?

  2. From what I understand he couldn’t add an alliance feature because if the time it would take in a game. This isn’t exactly how he explained it but If my memory is correct its pretty close.

    Spring: Player 1 requests alliance with player 2.
    Summer: Player 2 receives message and replies ‘yes’
    Fall: Player 1 reads anwser. But by now its been almost a whole year….being in an alliance with player 2 is no longer needed by player 1.

  3. Would be nice to have a war and peace treaty’s. also it would be awsome if you added a alliance option between nations. I bet WAY more people would buy this game if you added those things. Plz

  4. Can you please change the name of “England” to that of “Britian” or the “United Kingdom” because you have named the wrong country. It was the British empire, not the English empire.

    • Hi Ben,

      Do you both have a Game Center account ?
      And when you try to start a new game, do your both devices are connected to internet ?

      If you just want to play together at the same time, instead of “Online multiplayer” which use Game Center and requires and internet connection, you can create a “Network multiplayer” game. For network multiplayer game, don’t forget to activate bluetooth on both devices.

  5. Thanks for a great game. One huge problem though. In the help section “choose an empire” I cannot scroll down to the attack and defense strength, the page just ends there. So I have no clue what the pros and cons of each empire are. Could you please post them here or upgrade the app. Merci!

    • Hi Robin,

      I will update that point on the next version.
      I can’t give you some figures right now, because attack and defense are part of a complex formula.

  6. Hey fabrice this games awsome! But when i make a muliplayer game in the resume page it just says unkown, x however many players i wanted. It stays like that and when i tap on one it just shows a loading circle thing but nothing happens.

    • Hi Will,

      Did you have several devices ? Like an iPad and iPhone ?
      If you start a game on your iPhone for instance, you can’t resume the game from your iPad. You can only resume a game on the same device you use to create it.
      In such case, I display Unkown. Which, I guess is really not self explanatory.

  7. Thx fabrice,
    But i am only using my ipod gen 4. I create a multiplayer game and then go to resume game. It then says on the multiplayer tab the game i created with unknown x however many player i specified, then i tap it and it shows a loading symbol. Then it stays like that i have left my ipod running all night to see if anything happend but it didnt.
    Thx for the reply anyway though.

    • Are you on iOS7 ? I’ve just test it this morning with the final iOS7 version and there is a problem with multiplayer party creation.
      This bug didn’t appear with previous beta version of iOS7 that I have tested.
      I will correct this bug tonight and I will submit a new version to Apple tomorrow.

    • No it was just a question to help me to debug. But actually the bug is for all ios version.

      I’ve just corrected this bug. I’m submitting a new release to Apple right now. I hope it will be available to download in a few days.

      Thanks a lot for your help Will.

  8. Hi Fabrice,

    We both have Game Center accounts and are connected to the Internet when we initiate a game. We even get an invite and can accept. But after that no joy getting an active game going. Do you want to try and set a game up with me to troubleshoot?

    • Hi Ben,

      The new release I have submitted yesterday has been approved by Apple and is available as an update.
      Can you test a new online multiplayer game please ? I think it should also correct this problem.
      If not, we will try to play together.

      Will, can you also tell me if the bug is fixed with this new version (2.0.3) ?

  9. 2 minor bugs:
    1. In the attack results it says “we were outnumberd by the enNemy” there is 1 to manys n s in the word enemy
    2. If you send ships to a country but dont click continue and double tap the same country and click gather ships and then cluck continue. It says your sending double the ammount of ships. The ghost ships get deleted though.

  10. I opened this game and selected to play it solo, and then when I got into the game itself, it said something about Warning, tutorial mode can only be done in solo mode, which is of course the mode I’m in. Then it just sits there – no tutorial and I have no idea what to do.

    So I hit back and go back to the main page. I start clicking on options, hoping to find a tutorial option, and I end up on this blog. There is NO back button, and I am now stuck here, with no way of getting back to the game.

    I’m sorry, but this isn’t exactly impressive. You have some glitches to still work out, that’s for sure. Your app is the only game I downloaded tonight that I paid for, and incidentally, the only one that is unusable. The only way I can use your app to delete it and reinstall it. :(

  11. Can you explain how the points system works? Is it based on how quickly you conquer all or how much money you Mede thoughout the game? Just want to know how to max my score. Awesome game!

  12. Hello,
    Just wondering if you could give me some info that I can’t find in any of the documentation. I’d like to know how the scoring works? I have found the game very addictive, Kudos! but I don’t understand how I can get fewer points on a game when I had conquested the globe several years earlier than a previous game. For example, I scored 29,900 as the US on very hard setting when I finished in 1865, but I scored 30,600 as Brazil on very hard finishing in summer of 1869…

  13. This is my favorite game of all time. I guess that’s why my friends and I am always dreaming of options that would make it better. First, we miss the option to give money to other countries and the bribes option. You can almost fight a covert war that way which was fun. Also would like to be able to give troops or weaponry to another country to assist in war covertly. Also, more complicated maps would be great. Options to withdraw from territory ceased in a war to allow an allie to have it would be good as well without him going to war with you. Naval blockades of territory owned by another country would be nice. Also think that instead of naval forces being able to move around the world in one move it would be more realistic if it took several turns for naval forces to reach their destination with the time it takes to reach your destination being dependent on distance. With that option one would need to be able to reroute the ships in the middle of their voyage if needed. Enemy ships could attempt to intercept your ships and fight mid ocean! That would be awesome!
    Anyway, great game, me and my friends are just dreaming but lots of people would love it. Hope you are planning on an updated game on the future! Thanks

    • I’m also a dreamer. And that’s why I developed Empires a few years agoo. I was frustrated by the lack of strategy game on the app store.

      For copyright reasons, I had to remove bribe and movey give. Empires is based on an old game, Colonial Conquest, and the copyright owner ask me to change a little the game to be different from the original. He was very comprehensive and we agreed about some modifications. Among them, they were bribe, give, map (germany) etc.

      Actualy, you can do naval blockade against an empire. Send boats on the targeted country. If it plays before your, you will kill its boats…

      I tried to add delay in naval movements for far destinations. But it made the game too complicated to understand,

    • Online game is only for the second version.
      You can start a game with you game center friends or with random players (auto match).
      But for the last case, it will work only if other people are waiting for a game.
      I recommand you to try a 2 players cooperative online game with very easy level to have more chance to find someone to play with

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  15. Dear Fabrice,
    You Should add cannons as a separate form of infantry. They could bombard a country beforehand then be used in an invasion stage too. Maybe they could help against fortified countries

  16. I can not see The differeny strenghts/weaknesses of eeach country ..seems to missing under The topic in the help section? And it is quite important ..?

  17. Hi, I am not able to play on old Empire game after the new OS8 upgrade. The button to on the top left corner does not seem to work and I cannot create a new game or choose new countries.
    Will you be able to look into it please??

  18. Hello Fabrice, wish you the very best. You have not answered the question on the scoring system. How does it work?

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