Empires 2.1

I’ve just send a new release of Empires II to Apple. This release corrects a few crashes, specially for iOS 7 & 8.

After a break of almost 2 years to take care of my children, I’m now back to Empires developpement. So, there will be several releases in the next months.

Feel free to post if you have any idea to improve the games.



31 thoughts on “Empires 2.1

  1. I love this game! Anyway glad you are back! I understand, I have kids too!
    Anyway, I am always playing this game, I think it would be wonderful if:

    -there was a bigger map! More territories
    -if ships could be positioned for a naval blockade without engaging the land.
    -if treaties could be made with A.I. For tactical advantage
    -if in a treaty that troops and ships cold occupy the same territory.
    (I wish the oceans were divided up into territories so that you could manually move ships and troops one water territory at a time and have naval battles in the open sea?)
    Anyway, great game, thanks

  2. Hello Fabrice!
    Just to introduce myself, my name is Charles, i’m French and I love your game.
    I’ve never played Empires II as i currently have a android based Smartphone but i’ve played Empires 1 a LOT.
    There were a lot of crashes, especially when i was playing with friends. Connection interrupted etc…
    But anyway, i’m really glad of this new release.
    Do you plan to develop it on android or will I be forced to buy an iPhone? ;)
    And also, as i’m lazy (french..) can you tell me about the new things i will find in your game?
    Thank you a lot for this game, i had a lot of fun playing it.

  3. This has been my favorite ios game for years, along with the one before. I have a few suggestions for an update.
    -creation of cannons, they could be added for defense, or to attack fortifications
    -being able to invest in your territories so they make more money in the long run
    -being able to give money to other armies for peace/support
    -different maps and wars such as the American Revolution or WWII for example
    -more capitals such as in china or india
    - I also agree with Justin’s idea for naval blockades
    once again thanks for this game, it really is my favorite

  4. Great game first of all!

    Things i think which would be great:
    - special missions
    - ability to make peace
    - more improvements on capitals, e.g buy naval factory and receive discount on ships
    - i think ships should be more expensive to increase importance of critical land joinings


  5. My game locks frequently – move phase if I click on any non-eligible move to location, anytime I click the (I’m assuming it is) the game menu, etc. latest iOS (8.1-ish?) on iPhone 5s. Finishing a game also locks it up. Have to reinstall to start a new game. Would love to play more, but can’t because of locks.

    Wouldn’t mind oceans being broken into territories and a maximum distances for ships (eastern us to Japan is a long way in 1799) to create a more strategic positioning of units and shops rather than being able to have one port attack the planet.

  6. Could you please, please put this game on Android!!! My friend has this game and it not only looks amazing but he said it was totally worth it. Please put Empires 2 on Android please!!

  7. I really enjoy this game I always play it in my free time. I have a couple suggestions to make it better though…

    Plz add Germany into the second one
    Add more territories

  8. Please please put it on Android!!My frriend has this game but I was disappointed when I couldn’t get it on my Android L tablet and phone. Please put this awesome game on Android!!

  9. Can You please tell me, how the points for the scores are counted in this game? I like the game very much. I would like to see in the “spying section” which country belongs to whom, and which one is still free. The scrolling and comparing at this stage is very time consuming.

    Then I would like to have a warning, when You check a country, which You have checked already once. At this stage You loose some money, when you check a country again, for which You have already paid for.

    Then I would like to see also two capitals in Africa.

    Regards Paul

  10. Love the game!

    I agree with the above poster on most suggestions. I think ocean zones for battle would greatly improve the game. I don’t think a fleet from Moscow should be able to reach DC in one season.

    Maybe you have to establish a port and navy in a city in a certain zone in order to attack that region.

    OR long trips take multiple seasons to arrive at destination.

    AI treaty would be cool

    Blockade ability would be amazing

    Occupying or sending reinforcements to an ally would be nice.

    Anyway, really love the game nd the interface. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to updates!

  11. I would love it if this game had treaties so you can demand someone’s surrender and I think it would be very cool if you could trade with other countries for food and luxuries etc but if you were then to go to war with them it would be broken and you would then get less money the next payment turn. I also think that you should have technology’s eg so you can upgrade your ground troops or your navy so there better at fighting but cost he same or more money

  12. i love the game and play it often, however since this update, the region flags don’t seem to show up or work right. Also notifications of region ownership seem incorrect. In just playing, it said I had just conquered Europe when I still did not have Spain and Italy. Another time it said I conquered … Whatever Oceania is called when I had just conquered Russia / Asia. It used to be spot on. I thought perhaps it had become corrupt so I uninstalled, rebooted, then reinstalled it only to get the same errant results. It seems to play fine except in recognizing continents/regions.

  13. Hello Fabrice. I was wondering if you are still a active developer to this game? If you confirm that you are I will add some thoughts of mine that may improove your game, or not as the case may be haha. I hope you are and will look forward to a response from you.

  14. Hi,
    I’m having serious issues with the game and freezing. It happens within a single move or action. I can’t access the main menu. Please help. iPhone 6 running 8.1.2

  15. How about ‘veteran’ troops, who have been succesfully engaged in two battles or so, gain an advantage, a veteran-status due to their experience; elite-troops?

  16. I just bought empires-world conquest. It is very interesting but crashes every few moves. When I finally finished the game, I couldn’t start over. It keeps crashing and makes me replay the last move over and over.

  17. Hi, the current version keeps crashing every time I hit the button in the top left corner. I re-installed and tried other ways but no luck. I use iPhone 6+

  18. Are there any new plans for Empires? It is quite frankly the best strategy game I’ve ever seen. I would love to see an E3 that has an added level of complexity with more modernized elements added in. Perhaps an “Early 20th Century” version with aircraft added to the mix (cannot move anywhere in a turn like a naval vessel, but perhaps 2 territory range and both attack / troop transport options). This would allow for air forces to whittle away at the opposition, drop troops (paratroopers) or a combination of both depending on what aircraft were purchased by the player. The ability to play as other nations would be nice as well. Great game, please give us more! Some of us would be willing to help fund the development!!

  19. love the game I don’t know but I am thinking an industrial line very limited but for the war and research r&d will make this gme beyond amazing just saying I love it the way it is just so you know. Thank you for this game

  20. Great game! Having only capitals available for recruiting new troops adds a new dynamic to these type of games. My suggestions:

    More nations. Reduce each nation to 1 capital, but double the number of nations. Suggest 2 in Africa, 1 for Australia and 1 for China. Maybe a Scandinavian one and a couple elsewhere. Or, since you can only purchase troops in Capitol have 1 capital per nation and 1 port city. Ships can be bought only in port city, troops in capital.

    Ships have a limited range.

    Control the seas. Having ships in strategic locations can intercept enemy ship movements?

  21. Hi, the in-game information on army strength is missing on my iPad. Can please somebody enlighten me on respective attack and defense modifiers? Also, does the AI have a fog of war on very hard? It always attacks with just the right amount of troops. Thanks for any information. Cheers

  22. It would be great to see more countries!


    Perhaps more variety of troops but it’s pretty good as it is.

    Maybe new territories.

    Treaties will make the game fun.

    Newspapers or something that recalls recent events to make everything sound epic, like “English forces marched into Paris.”

  23. I think empires 2 is a great game with great portational I play this game every single day and still manage to have fun a few things I recommend for the next update if there will ever be one.

    More country’s
    Start in different eras like 15 to 20th century
    Have a singleplayer campaign where you can do world wars or civil wars
    And troops be able to get upgraded

    In any way this game is the best and well worth it I hope some of these ideas can help with the games next update :) anyway cya!

  24. Hello, Great Game, thanks. I am wondering how you calculate the final score. What is the formula? I would like to optimize or rather improve my score but I don’t know what focus on. Please help. Thanks for your support

  25. I have an unusual amount of disconnections when I try to play over blue tooth or wifi with a friend. It disconnects like every other turn

    • Hi,

      I guess you were playing with some “old” device such as iphone 4 and some new device such as iphone 6.
      They don’t have the same processor (32 bits / 64 bits).

      This bug has been fixed in the 2.2 version which was released yesterday.

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