Fight solving rules

Lot of people ask me how does the game work internaly. What are the rules for solving a fight, how do I compute the losts etc etc. Therefore, I will try to post regulary with some infos, tips…
Please, excuse my poor english, this is not my native tongue,
I do my best :$

Today, I’m going to explain how do I choose who win a fight

To determine which player will win a fight the game operates in three steps :
- first, it computes the attacker points. Which is the number of attacker * the attacker factor (which is specific to each empire)
- second, it computes the defender points. Which is mainly the main formula plus some other factors (terrain, if country is fortified …)
- then, a ratio is computed to give a percentage of win for the attacker.

For instance, if the attacker has 100 points and the defender has 50 points, the attacker have 100/(100+50) of chance to win. Which is a 66% of chance to win.
A dice from 0 to 99 is rolled. If the result is below 66, the attacker win.

After this first phase, a second one take place to determine the losts. This will be explained in another post.

16 thoughts on “Fight solving rules

  1. This is a better game than risk and very addictive too! Well done in producing such a fine game. A WWII version with mechanised and air devisions would be a nice idea for future versions , just an idea for you. Thanks for this version. :^)

    • Hi Marcus,

      No unfortunatly, there is no mac version. And I don’t plan to write such version.
      It took a lot of time to write the first version (3 years), and it’s not my main job. It’s just a hobby. So my time is too limited :(

  2. Not a bad implementation but you really should credit where you got the design from. It is basically a copy of an old SSI game called Colonial Conquest for the Apple, Atari and Atari ST. It came out in 1985 and it looks like you copied everything right down to the same provinces and turn structure.

    I should know I wrote the original.

  3. I just found this game and I’m really enjoying it. After reading this blog, I realised the in-game help for Britain’s costs are wrong, it says that 5 ships cost $600 but in practice they cost $300 for 5 ships. Now I understand the “cheap and powerful navy” comment in another entry!

    But how does naval combat work together with land combat? Let’s say I’m Britain and I control another country. In that country I have 100 troops but 400 ships protecting the coast. Another power attacks with 250 troops in 250 ships. In “real life” my 400 ships easily sink their 250 before they get near land, and their 250 troops never get to attack my landed troops. What happens in the game?

    If the land battle resolves first instead, the attacker’s 250 troops beat my 100, then my 400 ships are destroyed because I no longer control the country. Which makes it pointless to maintain naval superiority. How does the game conduct these fights?

    • Naval combat are solved first.
      If the attacker loose the naval fight, he couldn’t attack the country with his troops.
      Note than when a ship is destroyed, and if he carry a troop, the troop will also be destroyed.

      If the attacker attacks by land, there will be no naval fight. If he conquered the country, all ships will be destroyed.

  4. I think there is a bug when you have 0 armies in a territory: I tend to survive attacks by 1200 armies without a single army … Probably a divide by zero bug …

  5. Don’t listen to Fred. This game’s awesome. I like how you can conquer the world. It’s cool how you can donate money. There are a few bugs, but it’s still fun. Thank you I look forward to the new version! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Happy New Year 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t listen to Fred! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In ya face Fred!!!!!

  6. I have one question though. How come you said only 1 enemy attacks at a time on easier levels and I have 2 or 3 attacking instead even though they were unprovoked?

  7. Me and my friends used to play this game called colonial conquest on atari when we were kids and we still use an emulator now and then to play it as grown ups. I guess its more or less the same game as empires so imagine my joy when i saw that the game existed.
    Just wanted to thank Fabrice for all his hard work and sincerly hope that he can make some money on one of the more intriging games you will ever find.

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